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Dr. J.R. Tisscher



Dr. Tisscher has several publications in various journals to his name (journals and others). Some are found here:

Weekblad Oosterhout 30-08-2006  (Dutch)
Despite the fact that rheumatologists, clinical ecologist and specialist in natural medicine, Rene Tisscher now 65 plus he is still helping people with rheumatic complaints. Currently happening in Eindhoven, the private clinic in Bunnik Rhijn ropes and behind the shop Brothers Reform, the new
health. This practice is part of Rhijn Ouwens. In those centers, he helps people with all types of rheumatic complaints and everything to do with it.

De voeding en milieuhygiŽne (Dutch)
Two factors to be taken in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, one of the chronic diseases. A lot of controversies prevail about the influence of diet on rheumatoid arthritis. Let's walk through the medical literature consider the reason is. Various forms of arthritis, joint pain, muscle aches and pains in general, in the long ¨ members attributed to a food allergy. 

De ontstekingseigenschappen van bacteriŽle afbraakproducten (Dutch)
In the 30 years' William Osler suggested that arthritis deformans (the umbrella term for rheumatoid arthritis and polyarthrosis deformans) may be caused by an infection elsewhere. This view was supported by the frequent clinical observations that such a statue came after an infection elsewhere in the body. At this level were also experimental evidence.

Van Prostaglandines tot Endorfines (Dutch)
In Folio Orthica year 1997 No 2, I wrote an extensive article on the influence of diet on rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, particularly the immunological response of the ball was pushed. The question now is whether this is entirely accurate? In my last article I discussed the role of the nervous system through the hyperreativiteit of the nervous system and the ontgiftigingssysteem and I elaborate on the foods which most frequently gave joints. However, if you stopped by the pattern of symptoms the patient, then it is often a variety of complaints about pain, stiffness, swelling, discoloration of the joint, heat, movement restriction and stress. Often these complaints are not all simultaneously present.

Loop niet voor me uit, misschien volg ik niet. Loop niet achter me aan, misschien leid ik niet. Loop naast me en wees gewoon een vriend(in).


In recent years, Dr Tisscher many lectures for various organizations and associations.