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Dr. J.R. Tisscher

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Broad orientation

Doctor Tisscher graduated as an internist and rheumatologist and has subsequently trained in homeopathy, Integra, NEI, not inflammatory joint pain, acupuncture and clinical ecology. From his experiences in 30 years if rheumatologist there one strong orientation arise the dense pattern human body to various ways distortions processing can obtain. Every constitution is different and so there is never a valid solution for an ailment. Doctor Rene Tisscher controlled and used a whole spectrum of possibilities. Contrasts between regular and alternative are not addressed. It is about recognizing the pattern and degree of disturbance and then up any appropriately to jump.


Rheumatism, chronic fatigue (ME), fibromyalgia, weight problems, food allergy and intolerance.

It would nevertheless pity if you pas afterwards until ascertains you chronically ill become ignorance.
Dr J.R. Tisscher

Dr. Tisscher examine with the patient to the appropriate treatment. The own responsibility for the functioning of the body is the first step. Can then be examined which approach leads to improved health. This can range from regular treatment and medication to food requirements, treatment with acupuncture, reiki, homeopathic and orthomolecular nutritional supplements.